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[NEW] How to use “regretted” in a sentence | regretted – NATAVIGUIDES

regretted: คุณกำลังดูกระทู้

How to use regretted in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word regretted? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples

A series of whistles and catcalls greeted me as I walked down the hallway towards my locker, and I suddenly regretted very much wearing a skirt.

Judith couldn’t resist the gibe and regretted it as soon as Emma rounded on her.

I’ve never been a marcher or a joiner, it’s just not my nature, and sometimes I’ve regretted that.

He soon regretted that thought, however, as he saw the welts and scars covering her torso.

They paid no attention whatsoever to the opera, so I hope they forked out full whack and regretted it.

Charles’s father, however, preferred business and sports and regretted that his son had turned out an aesthete and a poet.

Sidhe never regretted doing it, even if her afterlife had not been as wonderful as she had hoped.

She instantly regretted giving up her beautiful, loose robe for such whorish attire.

He was a kind and loving husband and father and his passing is much regretted, not only by his sorrowing family, but also by his many friends.

He later sold it to the firm on derisory terms, a decision he regretted to his dying day.

Nikki looked confused, but a light made her eyes flash and I immediately regretted my choice of words.

I went cold right to the bone and immediately regretted my feelings and words.

I regretted the words immediately, knowing that they’d carried an inference of sourness, and guessing that she’d notice.

Furious, she slammed her fist against a near redstone wall, and immediately regretted it.

She thought the genesis of the secrecy culture, the Official Secrets Act, should be repealed, and regretted the failure of the bill to do that.

A most well liked and respected person, Marian’s passing is deeply regretted by many.

Defending, the lawyer said his client was apologetic and very much regretted the incident.

He apologised to the victims who were injured, and regretted the consequences of his actions.

I’m sad to say that I regretted my decision to come the moment I stepped in.

Jo was held in high regard by all who knew her and her passing is sadly regretted.

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She felt sick to her stomach and instantly regretted scarfing down the chocolate chip muffin.

The judge said he regretted having to send her to prison, but there was no other suitable institution available for her.

He never regretted his lack of servility even though he lost the interview.

I soon regretted my decision to walk to class with Dan, but managed to shake him off as he entered his classroom.

This was a big mistake and he always regretted the decision to give the plane to the museum.

I regretted it all from the minute I saw it in the mirror until the minute it had fully grown back.

She leapt out of her stretch position without doing herself a mischief that would be regretted later, and called the story in to the news desk.

Ellen, who lived in Chapel Street, was a most kindly and neighbourly person, well liked by all, her passing is deeply regretted.

His is regretted by his brother, sisters, nephews, nieces, relatives and friends.

He regretted that though Urdu language is used in speaking, its script is vanishing.

He is deeply regretted by his wife Julia, son, daughters, sister, sons-in-law, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, relatives, neighbours and friends.

This briefness is to be regretted, but at least they are there and this is to be welcomed in a work of this type.

The enslaved Baptist regretted and sorrowed over the inability in many instances to maintain family cohesion because of the auction block.

He is deeply regretted by his wife Mary, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, niece, nephew, relatives, neighbours and friends.

She is deeply regretted by her husband Jim, sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews, relatives, neighbours and friends.

She is deeply regretted by her brother Michael, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, relatives, friends and neighbours.

And once I wrote a memorial to a bull ant having stepped on it and then regretted it.

The moment they entered the restaurant in their spiffy new outfits, Evelyn regretted coming here.

What is to be regretted, however, is the demise of all those conscientious spinsters and widows who used to type authors’ manuscripts.

The transport minister regretted that public help was not forthcoming to make the dedicated bus lane experiment a success.

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Mirreen, in a statement issued to press, regretted that obscenity and immoral activities are on the rise.

For some, it appeared to breed a resistance or opposition to program authorities, which they later regretted.

She is the least regretted politician in the country, so her departure sugars the loss of Scotland’s presence in British government.

She regretted not taking a swig of orange juice with the banana, not remembering to drink that half glass of instant tea.

He regretted that an exact measure of the circumference of a circle in terms of diameter was not available.

She regretted not giving quick pats to her favorite horses, whose stalls were on her left and right.

Even illegitimates with basically happy lives regretted having no relationship with their fathers.

He went through periods of despair over his illness when he was capable of irrational, ill-thought-out, impulsive acts which he then regretted.

Others got tattooed in their youth and later regretted being imprinted with a flaming death head or a Flying V guitar.

Prisons are designed to transform a regretted crime into contrite behavior through penalties and punishment.

It is a choice she has never regretted, although there is one subject guarantee to raise her ire.

Even then I regretted not being allowed to learn and to use copperplate but the days of the flexible steel pen nib were already ending.

It turned out, Nicola almost regretted her choice to stay in the fletcher stall.

She sat up straight and immediately regretted it, as her cramped muscles screamed in protest.

Errors, fortunately, seldom occur but nonetheless are deeply regretted when they come to light.

It told of desolate, regretted things befallen happy cities long since in the prime of the world.

As is to be regretted, no clear and definite tasks of this kind were posed to the Navy.

Ms Mutiti regretted that inadequate Government funding made it difficult for the department to repatriate and deport illegal immigrants.

Might he not, on reflection, have regretted embarking on this particular course?

I actually felt guilty and regretted making that phone call more than anything.

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Kathleen’s passing is deeply regretted by her loving sons, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, relatives, neighbours and friends.

White later wrote that he regretted the role he played in transmitting the Camelot myth to the public.

The attendant physician, possibly overawed by the eminence of his charge, gave a warning which, in the wisdom of hindsight, he probably regretted for the rest of his life.

I almost regretted agreeing to let her help me get ready for the party when I saw the array of brushes, compacts, bottles, and tubes littering the top of her sink.

And then I regretted turning down this, but I was so grateful that it came back around.

One woman who deeply regretted the abortion had four early miscarriages then carried two pregnancies to term and is alive 18 years after the first completed pregnancy.

He, quite reasonably, regretted doing it in the open water with a near stranger on national television.

She slept so silently and peacefully he almost regretted being there.

Between the torch brackets, images of long-dead nobility gazed down at them with an air of sorrow, as if their sightless eyes regretted the passing of more cheerful days.

It was to be regretted, he would admit if questioned, that the table flipped sideways, causing all those plates and their children to fly every whichaway.

Despite this, the majority have either done something they later regretted or been involved in or witnessed criminal or disorderly incidents while out drinking.

However, he regretted that people had not followed the words of Bharathi.

The absence of these more technical sections is keenly to be regretted.

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I only hope that no one was injured because of the brief and regretted irresponsible neglect of my Civic Duty in reporting that which I believe to be criminal.

His early death was regretted since his music shows unfulfilled promise.

He regretted that if such irresponsible, poisonous and aggressive speeches were not stopped, they would cause irreparable loss to the country’s secular warp and woof.

Mahler regretted that, apart from his own work, little interest had been shown by 20th century mathematicians in the study of arithmetical properties of decimal expansions.

Maureen’s cheeks were tinted red, and I immediately regretted my words.

Dima also regretted that they had just put the tools away before the man came in, hoping to finish before the match began.

She suddenly regretted her forceful behavior and her pushiness.

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The boy looked taken back and immediately she regretted her words.

It also challenges the painter-monk who regretted the transgressions of his present life, and in particular the falseness of his identity as a Confucian and a Buddhist.

The glass lifts rush up to the summit of this slim building at such a rate I regretted having a second helping of waffles with the obligatory maple syrup at breakfast.

But when Idol darling Pia suffered a shocking upset weeks later, the panel regretted saving Abrams.

The shy and introvert Peter regretted some local media coverage.

So that was my staff night out, no salacious gossip, no regretted snogs, no snogs at all in fact, but I made some new friends and that is always a good thing.

Bailey regretted the sloth of this puny human interface and sorrowed for its seriality.

There came a day when he remembered the moment, when he regretted that he had not ridden off into the buoyant midst of these lightsome elements.

When John spoke in that masterful tone, Meg always obeyed, and never regretted her docility.

The sales of his books were so profitable that he regretted that he had not chosen early retirement.

Frank Williams had admitted that he had regretted parting with BMW but stated that Toyota had tremendous ability to become a top engine supplier.

I have often thought, though I have often regretted the University, that it was much the reverse.

Disraeli regretted this, hoping for an opportunity, however brief, to show himself capable in office.

By 1936, Farben regretted making the deal, as the excess profits by then being generated had to be given to the government.

Indeed there were many people inside the BBC who profoundly regretted Boult’s departure.

Haig was pleased with the French success but regretted the delay, which had lessened its effect on the Flanders operations.

She says Baker never regretted losing the part of Bond to Sean Connery but regretted not making This Sporting Life.

The county borough councils regretted the loss of their independent status.

Years later upon revisiting the city he had burnt, Alexander regretted the burning of Persepolis.

Margot is said to have later claimed that her husband regretted the breach and had acted after several rich donors had threatened to quit.

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Forster regretted the decision of the hybrid committee, but it had been an able committee, and its conclusions should be respected.

It was a very shoutable and harmless slogan, and though Jonathan regretted that it had no specific meaning he found he enjoyed shouting it.

An acquired taste, certainly, but once acquired never regretted.

In the end, he regretted only the words left unspoken and the dreams left undreamt.

The next morning he much regretted the gusto with which he had wassailed the night before.

Achakzai regretted how it has become easier for yellow journalists to get away with slander and defamation.

You know, I actually hired Arati three years ago, and I’ll tell you, I’ve never regretted it.

Some may stop themselves with the fear that a growthful choice will later be regretted.

I have, at times, regretted ignoring a gut feeling and I suspect that I am not done.

Tim then cut the cord of Tahan’s hair curler, which he later regretted doing, as he admitted to Big Brother.

Nine out of 10 people admitted they made an impulse purchase they regretted during 2007, according to insurer swiftcover.

He regretted that offices for the enregistration of property had not been established.

I could have gone to Sturm Graz in Austria when I joined Hibs in the summer, but I have never regretted my decision.

I immediately regretted wearing a sports bra to the casting.

Whether, at the end of all this, Michael Alcock regretted that moonlight flit from Birmingham in 1755, we will never know.

The Qin king later regretted about the unfortunate death of Han Fei.

The Crown regretted the sweeping powers that had been granted to Columbus and his heirs and sought to establish more direct control in the New World.

Thomson subsequently regretted that he had acquiesced too readily to many of Whitehouse’s proposals and had not challenged him with sufficient energy.

Porcelain inlaying is a grand thing in certain cases, and it is much to be regretted that the present existing circumstances do not warrant its being used more extensively.

The nephrologist regretted that lack of attention towards anaemia was registered to worsen as a routine even during follow up visits to the nephrologists.

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He regretted the re-make of the classic Alfie, with him in the Michael Caine role of feckless fornicator, on the grounds that nobody does that better than Maurice Micklewhite.

Henare regretted the concept of Maoritanga never included an economic understanding, yet culture and economy should be two sides of the same coin.

I soon regretted drinking three Smirnoffs on an empty stomach.

Examples from Classical Literature

Now that she actually was embarked upon adventure, she rather regretted she had promised Mr. DeWitt a feature story.

He regretted that he had not brought his geologist’s hammer and botanical wallet with him.

Dr Revault, confrere of Guyot, regretted the failure to perform a post-mortem on the body of Perrotte.

He heard me benignantly, but said he regretted that it was not in his power to oblige me.

I am sure you have regretted your hastiness by this time, and it will be a lesson to you in the future.

Bingham bowed over his glass, and regretted that canvasback ducks and terrapin were not yet in season.

Locke declared that he regretted the loss which, if his advice were taken, would fall on the holders of the short money.

Strange as it seemed, they regretted that he had not been able to make his break across the mountains.

It is much to be regretted that hydrotherapy is not available and is not made use of more generally.

Stacey regretted deeply the necessity which drove him out of Allen’s house.

From his raggedly whiskered lips burst a growl and a yawp which, too late, he regretted.

She regretted the impoliteness of the French here and apologized for them for crowding us.

She deeply regretted that her impulsiveness had rendered the revelation necessary.

It is to be regretted that all the interscholastic cracks will not meet at Newport.

The only thing to be regretted in the volume is the arid and jejune character of the style.

Perhaps the Count Balbo may have sometimes regretted that solemn vow, but he never betrayed repentance.

It may be regretted, perhaps, that tokay is not as cheap and as abundant as vin ordinaire.

How much was it to be regretted, that it had become the interest of any set of people to vend them!

They regretted nothing, although their sorrow seemed greater than they could bear.

It is much to be regretted Mr. Harlowe did not redesign that principal figure.

Show More Sentences

How ardently he regretted that he had complied with the prayer of the ci-devant!

He said that he immensely regretted the necessity for secluding me so long.

He regretted to say that the book was not selling so well as he had hoped it would sell.

But she was a Druidess in this, that she regretted she knew not what in the usages and practices of her Church.

I saw there the very wheel of the Spray, the cockboat in which the regretted Slocum wafted himself round the world!

An erratum, ever to be regretted, is certainly quite unexpected, on a gravestone.

He regretted that, being as he was convinced of its untruth.

Otherwise I may behave in a manner to be regretted in my calmer moments.

No one ever regretted the admittance of Sam Weller, for a more devoted, well-behaved, and jovial member no club could have.

I shook the dust of canada from my feet, and have never regretted it.

He died regretted, in the year this dependency was colonised.

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No one is safe while the incidents of kidnappings have become a routine matter and now the doctors are also being targeted, he regretted.

I had regretted, truly regretted, the aspersion which I had thoughtlessly cast on her memory, before I had seen a line of her letter.

I told her she was right, and I knew it was much to be regretted, but still it was not to be helped.

Then I again regretted my grandfather’s too distinguishing goodness to me.

The daughter was just leaving the house to attend the meeting of a branch Folk Lore Society, and regretted that she could not accompany them.

Many Federalists regretted that fries was not executed by court-martial.

They shrugged their shoulders and regretted that two men of that age should amuse themselves with such childish tricks.

But even as the handcar was passing him Mr. Trimm regretted his hastiness.

Hardly had I spoken than I regretted the hastiness of my remark.

Show More Sentences

We almost regretted having had the chance that we so heartbreakingly lost.

The girls shuddered and Mabel regretted her ill-timed curiosity.

Woodhouse, who commended her very much for thinking of sending for Perry, and only regretted that she had not done it.

However that may be, I have never regretted that cowardice is not optional with me.

I’ve regretted this bitterly in the past, but the pervasiveness of the view is undeniable.

He could see the Aorai trimming her sheets and heading off shore, and he regretted that he was not on her.

For the moment he poignantly regretted that rumor was not true, and that his eleven millions were not in reality thirty millions.

He was forcing me into an attitude of priggishness which I regretted.

No one could esteem him while living, and no one regretted him when dead.

This I regretted the more because I caught sight of two skulking fellows, looking very much like policemen in plain clothes, watching us from a corner of the great hall.

March looked grave and grieved, and Amy felt that no one would love her till she had asked pardon for the act which she now regretted more than any of them.

He regretted the attitude of the MQM lawmakers inside the Sindh assembly and the way they had surrounded the CM’s desk had no antecedence and was deplorable.

Also imploring factions to facilitate Tammam Salam’s decision-making task, clerics regretted government ineptness in garbage disposal and attending to people’s vital concerns.

After reading the story, they were asked whether the hunger, thirst, or cold was most unpleasant for the hiker and what the hiker most regretted not packing.

The old maid regretted that she couldn’t come to an understanding with the nightingales nesting in the trees, in order to obtain their finest trilling.

Micawber several times, and then expired, regretted by a numerous circle.

I almost regretted that my theory about the well’s trouble was correct, because I had another one that had a showy point or two about it for a miracle.

The propounder of the theory regretted that he might never enjoy the blessings of such a state, which, he argued, would result in the ideal life for mankind.

He regretted he had not given the probation officer a stronger letter.

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[NEW] Spanish translation – Linguee | regretted – NATAVIGUIDES

We were pleased to note a number of


improvements but deeply regretted that a number of


the proposed amendments did not succeed.

improvements but dea number of

Nos complace observar una serie


de mejoras, pero lamentamos profundamente que


una serie de enmiendas propuestas no han tenido éxito.

de mejnte que

The presentations left little time for the actual panel


discussion and participants regretted that many issues raised


could not be discussed further.

discussion and participmany issues raised

Las presentaciones consumieron


el tiempo previsto para el debate y


los participantes lamentaron que no fuera posible


analizar más a fondo muchas de las cuestiones planteadas.

los pposible

also regretted that acts and omissions


to be challenged do not include criminal matters.

Theyacts and omissions

ambién lamentaron el hecho de que las


acciones y omisiones contra las que se podrá recurrir no incluyen asuntos penales.

que las

was regretted that only a small proportion


of the incorporated elements related to those particular areas.

Itonly a small proportion

e juzgó lamentable que tan sólo un pequeño


porcentaje de los elementos incorporados se refiriesen a esos intereses en particular.

n pequeño

ants regretted that the number of sponsored


visits to Parliament was not higher.

Many participthe number of sponsored

participantes lamentaron que el número de visitas


apadrinadas al Parlamento no fuera mayor.

Muchosde visitas

It was essential, out of basic


justice, to listen to them, and to find out to


what extent they regretted their involvement


in such a painful incident.

what extentr involvement

Era indispensable, por elemental justicia, escucharlos,


conocer el grado de arrepentimiento que alegaban al


verse envueltos en tan doloroso episodio.

conocer elaban al

bers regretted the use of the terms


“priority recommendations” or “priority monitoring” which


could suggest that there was a hierarchy among the instruments under consideration.

In that connection, the memuse of the terms

nos miembros deploraron el uso de los términos


“recomendaciones prioritarias” o “seguimiento prioritario”,


que podrían sugerir que existe una jerarquía entre los instrumentos en cuestión.

Al respecto, algus términos

she regretted that the member


states have committed themselves to drafting green papers on the sea despite the


fact that some of them do not apply some of the measures aiming to reduce pollution and improve security at sea.

However,the member

Lamenta que los Estados se decidan a


redactar Libros Verdes sobre el mar cuando algunos de ellos no aplican una parte de


las medidas tendentes a reducir la contaminación y mejorar la seguridad marítima.

se decidan a



welcomed the harmonization efforts and regretted the minor differences.

welcomed the harmonization effortsminor differences.

Las delegaciones acogieron con


satisfacción las iniciativas de armonización y lamentaron las diferencias


menores existentes.

satisfacción las iniciativas de armoncias

he regretted that the delegation did


not include persons with direct responsibility for operations on the ground.

the delegation did

a oradora lamenta que no se haya incluido


en la delegación a personas directamente responsables de actividades en el terreno.

a incluido

tors regretted the lack of progress in public


financial management reform, and encouraged the authorities to invigorate their efforts.

Direclack of progress in public

os directores lamentaron la falta de progreso


en la reforma de la gestión financiera pública y alentaron a las autoridades


a que redoblasen sus esfuerzos.


she regretted that the territorial


approach is not given more emphasis.

However,the territorial

Lamenta, sin embargo, que no se resalte


más el enfoque territorial.

que no se resalte

atly regretted having involved


the authorities, and assured me that had he not done so his son might still be alive.

He greng involved

e lamentaba de haber acudido a las


autoridades y me aseguró que si no lo hubiera hecho, su hijo podría seguir aún con vida.

dido a las

aker regretted that in spite of


the efforts to take the scientific and technical advances in information and


communication technologies to different parts of the world, the gap between developed and developing countries was increasing.

Another spein spite of

tro orador lamentó que, pese a los esfuerzos


por difundir los avances científicos y técnicos en materia de tecnologías


de la información y las comunicaciones en diversas partes del mundo, las diferencias entre los países desarrollados y los países en desarrollo iban en aumento.


ties regretted that there had not been


sufficient consultations among the parties before the resolution had been tabled for a vote.

However, one of the parthere had not been

de los partidos lamentó que no se hubiesen mantenido


suficientes consultas entre los partidos antes de


someter la resolución a votación.

Sin embargo, unosen mantenido

e regretted that the report referred


to the prevention of disability, thereby promoting a model that was no longer in use.

the report referred

l orador lamenta que en el informe se


haga referencia a la prevención de la discapacidad, promoviendo con ello un modelo que ya no se utiliza.

orme se

r he regretted what he had done when he saw the disaster of Hiroshima and the disaster


of Nagasaki.

Then latehe had done when he saw the disaster of Hiroshima and the disaster

Después Einstein se arrepintió, cuando vio el desastre de Hiroshima y el desastre de Nagasaki.

The boxers told the police that they


had made a mistake and regretted it.

had made a mistake

Los boxeadores le comunicaron que habían


cometido un error y estaban arrepentidos.

cometido un e

had regretted at one stage having failed to


take up science fiction that he so loved and an epic drama that offered another kind of challenge.

Hene stage having failed to

u momento, se lamentó de no haber elegido


la ciencia ficción que tanto le gustaba y el drama épico que ofrecía otro tipo de retos.

En slegido

eply regretted.

His untimely and tragic death in the line of duty is de

e su trágico y prematuro fallecimiento en cumplimiento del deber.

Lamentamos profundamentrágico y prematuro fallecimiento en cumplimiento del deber.

eron regretted that it hadn’t been


canceled earlier and attributed the lateness to a lack of communication.

Caldit hadn’t been

alderón lamentó que no se hubiera cancelado


antes y atribuyó la tardanza a un problema de comunicación.

era cancelado

The section of the Thematic Week dedicated to education was coordinated by Luis Guijarro, an environmental journalist, who called for a larger time


frame for the “water topic” in the


media news and he also regretted the barriers that


these professionals encounter when trying to do their jobs.

media news and hebarriers that

La parte de la Semana Temática dedicada a la educación estuvo coordinada por el periodista medioambiental Luís Guijarro, que reivindicó un mayor espacio


en los medios informativos para el


“tema agua” y también lamentó las barreras que encuentran


estos profesionales para realizar su trabajo.

“tema aue encuentran

hey regretted that they did


not have a higher educational level mainly because of issues related to self-esteem and social status.

they did

Lamentaban no tener un nivel


educativo más alto más que nada por lo que éste significa en términos de autoestima y de estatus social.


much regretted these missed


opportunities to meet, they did not affect me because he was still present in me.

While Ie missed

i bien lamentaba profundamente esos


desencuentros, no me afectaban porque seguía presente en mí.

e esos

o be regretted.

Besides, the lack of interuniversity and inter-institutional co-operation at this stage of our development is t

Por otro lado, se lamentó la débil cooperación interuniversitaria e interinstitucional en esta etapa de nuestro desarrollo.

Jones, who at the moment is


living in Louisiana, regretted not having been able


to help the victims of Katrina, as at that


time she had insufficient funds to be able to donate to humanitarian causes.

living in Louisihaving been able

Jones, que actualmente


vive en Louisiana, lamentó en su día no haber


podido ayudar a las víctimas del huracán Katrina pues


en esos momentos no tenía fondos para destinarlos a ayudar a los afectados.

vive ehaber

also regretted that cultural diversity is mainly understood in simplifying terms based on difference of ‘us’ and ‘others, ‘black and white’ and not as an interrelation.

Hecultural diversity is mainly understood in simplifying terms based on difference of ‘us’ and ‘others, ‘black and white’ and not as an interrelation.

Destacó la necesidad de experimentar muchas culturas distintas, para poder superar las nociones de “nosotros” y “ellos”, “blanco” y “negro” y pasar a comprender las interrelaciones existentes.

e regretted that the amendment


had been tabled at the last minute.

the amendment

Lamenta que la enmienda se haya


presentado en el último momento.

se haya

hey regretted the fact that


this position had not been specifically recruited. However, in this regard the Working Group


noted that the Office of the Prosecutor had developed and implemented a policy of gender mainstreaming wherein it addresses these concerns.

fact that

o obstante, el Grupo de Trabajo


señaló al respecto que la Fiscalía había desarrollado y aplicado una política de integración


de las mujeres mediante la cual prestaba atención a esas preocupaciones.

upo de Trabajo

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Trash Talkers DARED US To Come To Their Court!! They Regretted It!

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Trash Talkers DARED US To Come To Their Court!! They Regretted It!

The iPhone I Regretted Buying

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This was The iPhone I Regretted Buying
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The iPhone I Regretted Buying

I Want My Sex Back: Transgender people who regretted changing sex (RT Documentary)

Billy, Rene and Walt were born male, but they all felt uncomfortable with their sex. So they underwent sex reassignment surgery, believing it would end their distressing condition, which is known as gender dysphoria – feeling uncomfortable with your birth sex. However, becoming female only brought problems, disappointment and regret.
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I Want My Sex Back: Transgender people who regretted changing sex (RT Documentary)

Racist Gets Rid Of Ill Father, But Caring Migrant Stops Him | @DramatizeMe

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Spoiled son humiliated poor migrant sitter while trying to get rid of his ill rich father. Yet underestimated migrant showed his loyalty and care, and stopped racist son from the wrongdoing. Always remember to treat others how you want to be treated yourself!
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Racist Gets Rid Of Ill Father, But Caring Migrant Stops Him | @DramatizeMe

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ขอบคุณมากสำหรับการดูหัวข้อโพสต์ regretted

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