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appliciate: คุณกำลังดูกระทู้

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How to use appreciate in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word appreciate? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples

She was full of wonderfully refreshing oddities that I am still learning to appreciate.

Now, you’ll appreciate that the Bahamas is an island chain of more than 700 islands and keys.

If you could help me find him or if anyone has any information they can give me I would greatly appreciate it.

Today’s audiences can hardly appreciate the ahistorically high standards to which they have grown accustomed.

I would appreciate, of course, a 10, but, if you feel inclined to give me a 9, I won’t hold it against you.

I would appreciate any relevant information as this is a very worrying time for me.

I spent the next few years improving my ability to appreciate fine wine and single malt whisky.

To fully appreciate the smells and tastes, drink the tea from a tulip-shaped wine glass rather than from a china cup or mug.

If you have any of the above in your attic, they would gratefully appreciate your permission to use them on their site.

Light beer buffs have no business near the red winos, for example, who could never appreciate the quantitative method to our madness.

I do not thrive on reviews but I do appreciate them and quite often reciprocate the favor.

When else but in winter would we appreciate the witch hazel’s subtle beauty?

The company described its safety record as impeccable but could appreciate the concerns.

Now I am back in my world and I love it and appreciate it in a way that I never could before.

But then we got here and I saw how your own brethren in the Order have failed to appreciate your towering nobility.

I hope when I take my A levels, people will appreciate the effort needed to pass exams.

Certainly, a reader who knows who’s who in this story will appreciate the humor and ingenuity considerably more.

We appreciate that they have many calls on their funding so are especially grateful that they considered us worthy recipients.

They did not know foreign languages and did not seem to appreciate scholars’ works.

The public appreciate the added value of seeing re-enactors and the opportunity to compare their equipment with genuine items on display.

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People are grateful for what I do for them, my colleagues appreciate my professionalism.

I want to send her a card just to tell her that I love her and appreciate the things she has done for me.

It was a hunting lodge, and I would appreciate information about that era and also of what it was before then.

We are still trying to trace the owner and would appreciate any information.

I appreciate it that you enjoy my story and take the time to tell me your honest opinion!

I appreciate and recognise that they want to do the best that they can for their people.

Why can’t we all appreciate each other’s good qualities and realize we’ve all got room for improvement as well?

The awards have been warmly received by staff who appreciate that some recognition is being given for their hard work over the years.

They may not appreciate its more challenging content, but they can recognise a cultural asset when they see one.

He said that this is like saying that if I love and appreciate my neighbor’s Apostle teaspoons and he doesn’t, then they really are mine.

I started with light beers and ended up with dark, as is recommended to appreciate the flavours properly.

Yet they appreciate that each has had a lifetime’s worth of rich experiences while they were apart.

This leaves the in-game soundscape uncluttered for the player to appreciate aural effects like explosions, ricochets, and muzzle reports.

Plenty of people enjoy mucking about in boats, but just as many appreciate a power shower and a lie-down in a real bed afterwards.

It is just another London borough, full of trendy rich people who do not appreciate the better things in life.

The organisers would appreciate any donations of knitting wool, patterns, knitting needles, crochet hooks or any old material.

However, one can appreciate the importance of globalization without slipping into such globalism.

Because the responses will be made public, we would appreciate resulting actual documents on appropriate letterhead.

One thing every golfer can appreciate is a player who can chip the ball well.

I appreciate trying to save money and being less of a consumer and all those other good things.

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Larger folks will appreciate the ample legroom on long journeys, but those weighing less than 165 pounds might find it a bit too much.

I appreciate, too, the scholarship you appear to be undertaking this endeavor as indicated by your extensive annotations and explanations.

I appreciate that in order to do this characters must be omitted and combined, events reshuffled.

I even saw some old skinhead-type punks down at the front who seemed to appreciate the band.

It’s trying at times, almost suffocating, but I appreciate what our security staff and law enforcement do for us.

Others love working outdoors and appreciate the fact that they are not sitting at a desk all day.

It’s just that I feel this piece is so provocatively unusual, it takes a lot of lateral thinking to fully appreciate the intricately evil themes.

Neither did they appreciate the peasants’ practice of offsetting land fragmentation through repartition and private land exchanges.

I appreciate simplicity. The mediocrity. Of being absorbed in my thoughts. The life of a solivagant. It’s who I am. It’s all I know.

The imbalanced pacing makes it difficult to appreciate the profound monologues and witty repartee that follow the long stretches of absurdity.

It is hard to appreciate the global reach and power of Americanization when one is working from inside the global center.

I would appreciate any information you have on Radar and dangers to health.

Furthermore you can expect an original work to appreciate in value whereas a print is far less likely to.

The American people appreciate a president who is willing to put a problem on the table.

As the road flattens out you’ll get a chance to appreciate views across the valley.

I would greatly appreciate if y’all would say a prayer for him and my wife’s family today.

It provided them an opportunity to appreciate the various services rendered by these organisations.

All that having been said, my own guess is that the euro will appreciate in value.

Long-time State fans will appreciate the show’s insider feel, but most channel surfers will find little reason to lower their remotes.

I myself am an amasser of many odd and pretty things, so I could appreciate Steven’s menagerie quite well.

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It is important to appreciate that equations cannot be used to predict the lower yield stress unless the resultant grain size is known.

I appreciate that it is good for pupils to mix, both disabled and able-bodied, as this reflects the general public.

We would appreciate it if you would support this event by taking part in the walk, sponsoring a walker or making a contribution.

Why is it that we can only appreciate what we have when we experience its absence?

One can also appreciate how the bean counters want to be able to close the books with a positive result against any negative expense.

We cannot come to appreciate the happy times unless we have experienced the pain of unhappiness.

Those with an eye for profit will be buying new packaged items likely to appreciate in value.

And Beth, his first lawyer, is more likely to appreciate expressionist and abstract art.

Accounting historians as a whole have yet to appreciate the important contextual differences now seen in the U.S. academic environment.

We would appreciate if those who have not paid their contribution yet would do so as soon as possible.

Some of the modern ones appreciate in value, but it is often difficult to sell modern issues for a quick profit.

After dealing with it for so long, I really grew to appreciate it, rather than hate it, even if it didn’t always warm my heart.

The classical allusions everywhere at work in Versailles would require an educated audience to appreciate them.

I appreciate the sun, the increased hours of daylight, some moderate warmth.

You will appreciate that I thought my evidence was all right, but I accept your ruling that it was not.

We are setting a trap for New Zealanders who do not fully appreciate the way this legislation works.

Policy holders want cash today, not the promise of jam tomorrow, and if people don’t appreciate that then they are out of touch.

But I think he will appreciate it for its openness, I hope, and how it helps to make Jesus approachable, accessible.

Perhaps now you can appreciate my earlier fascination with clean public washrooms.

It is believed by Samoans to be a means of helping men appreciate the prolonged labor pains involved with childbirth.

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You have to appreciate how jazzed up the Independent Olympic Athletes appear to be.

That may be so, but such readers would require a fairly high level of scientific understanding to appreciate the book fully.

The quintet have released easy listening tunes that people of all ages can appreciate.

I appreciate this might be against the rules of blogging and am prepared to take whatever punishment comes my way.

We do appreciate and acknowledge the yeoman service rendered by Sourav Ganguly as captain of the Indian cricket team.

To fully appreciate this documentary, you first need a brief primer on him.

Tokyo is of course a maritime city and a great port, but people who visit do not always fully appreciate this.

Anyone who drives along this road on a regular basis as I do, will fully understand and appreciate what I mean.

It was always tempting to try and prove that one was enough of a wisenheimer oneself to appreciate anything they could dish out.

Be in no doubt that we appreciate how ridiculous this whole episode must look.

I have discovered the joys of younger men, many of whom really appreciate the charms and gentleness of an older lady.

Charlie and Phil gradually bond with their sons, and start to fully appreciate the priceless joys of fatherhood.

I can certainly appreciate what the miners had to put up with just to earn a crust.

You’re a good judge of character and appreciate honesty, but don’t encounter it very often.

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He found it amusing to see people rush throughout their daily lives and hardly stop to appreciate the day, weather rain or shine.

The contest aims at encouraging people to appreciate the nuances of nature and capture its beauty on film, he says.

Nature buffs will appreciate the lush rainforests and the Misty Fjords National Monument.

He said you could appreciate directors who worked in gangster films, war films, westerns, etc.

If you have never used a rangefinder you probably won’t be able to appreciate why this is utterly cool.

Ann and I have our differences on the issues, but I personally appreciate her psychotic rants.

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Women also appreciate the aesthetic value of a knife and may choose to combine function with beauty.

You don’t have to be a nuclear physicist to fully appreciate Copenhagen but it certainly does helps if you are.

He did appreciate the chickens again, though not to the point of kecking, and thought that any farm animal that made noise was amusing.

This book is a good value souvenir for all those who appreciate the marvellous exhibition that has been brought to Waterford.

We highly appreciate the reaffirmation of this policy by the Prime Minister.

I appreciate that many people go to the movies to escape reality, but in reality there is no escape.

Couple that with the vehicle’s all-wheel drive system, and its hefty 1800 kg kerb weight and you’ll appreciate that this is no speed demon.

They must then market these programs so that producers, agribusinesses, consumers, and politicians will appreciate and support future endeavors.

Only by visiting such places will we learn to appreciate our country’s wildlife and wild places.

The defendant’s capacity to appreciate the wrongfulness of his or her conduct, or to conform his or her conduct to the requirements of the law, was significantly impaired.

Living in the city has taught me to appreciate the differences between people.

Those who appreciate fine wine will enjoy reading the restaurant’s wine list.

The tiny creature contributes to its ecosystem in ways we are only just beginning to appreciate.

I can appreciate the perspective that my experience is akin to visiting a human zoo.

She fails to appreciate the congressional and constitutional obstacles Johnson had to overcome to win passage of the bill.

He was getting another lesson in what he had seemed not to appreciate fully about cops.

I felt I had to tread carefully because the man, were he alive, would not appreciate a discussion of his bowels.

Your back is starting to ache, fingers locking up from overuse, and right now you truly appreciate the cheesesteak.

He wants to tell a joke that only horn players will really appreciate.

Beyond the obviously warped people though are those who simply think they play much better than they do, and who don’t appreciate how truly much they need to learn.

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Trail runners of all abilities will appreciate the rugged, water-resistant design of this shoe, as well as the trail-specific outsole’s durability and traction.

If you want to appreciate your talents and unique beauty, then get ready for your close-up.

Given the extent to which it is taken for granted today, it can be difficult to fully appreciate the truly innovative and radical approach Frege took to logic.

One can still appreciate the incredible cleverness that went into the illusion, especially the use of radio-controlled devices and early animatronics.

If you encounter children who are well-behaved, considerate, remarkable, tell the parents how much you appreciate their commitment to raising these kinds of kids.

We should strive to appreciate the aesthetic value of our names.

I can’t hang with the girls who run to the bathroom to apply lipstick every five minutes, but I can appreciate those who flaunt their feminine wiles in other ways.

Those 300 squats are a killer but my glutes appreciate them.

Only when I became a mother did I come to appreciate my womanly body.

We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news.

We all know that in order to be fully prepared to appreciate the more elegant and refined of football experiences, one has to first rid oneself of one’s negative emotions.

To appreciate the Palmer paradox, it’s important to understand that Palmer’s childhood and young adulthood were dichotomous.

In the first pair of lines, Wagner uses alliteration so deftly that the reader can notice and appreciate it without flinching from a barrage of like sounds.

One needed a title, however, to appreciate the majesty of the tall, ostentatious chairs with upholstered, haughty-looking backs and stretchers reinforcing the legs.

I can appreciate that a child can be too young too see such sexual content, bad language and violence but if a parent feels otherwise they should decide.

Tour operators took their clients to the village to appreciate the Zambian culture, besides serving as a meeting place for various people for its location in the park.

Now, however, we can appreciate the subtlety and unexpectedness of his framing, and the complex interplay he so often achieves between anecdote and form.

Speaking in Zulu, Zuma explained the judicial process to the crowd, saying he was going to the high court and would appreciate their continued support.

You too will begin to appreciate anew the simple ordinary weekendy things.

Before I go, lemme reiterate how much I appreciate you guys.

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But you have to have been a witness to that history to appreciate the farcical beat at the heart of it all.

These include the lichens, mosses and liverworts, all of which are worth a closer look through a magnifying glass in order to appreciate their true beauty.

In order to appreciate the Nile’s position in antiquity, we should see it through ancient eyes, remembering the ancient distinctions between the divine and the human.

I nearly lost my life and it’s made me appreciate every single day.

My clients appreciate my light touch and a cool head when it comes to dividing marital assets, custody agreements and determining child support or spousal support.

I would really appreciate any information any of you can give me about it.

How do you get a sense of which works might appreciate in value?

The industry was by then nationalised, but even the National Coal Board failed to appreciate the danger they created.

Although the cover is appealing and the blurbs intriguing, only hardcore SF fans and X-Files nuts will truly appreciate this.

I misjudged you. I don’t like your politics but I appreciate your loyalty to your friends.

I know the line manager would be happy to pass the talent baton over to HR, and I appreciate the weight on the shoulders of clients.

I’m not much of a holiday merrymaker, but I do appreciate a stiff glass of eggnog while the others sing carols.

Robinson notes that this was an innovation in comedy films, and marked the time when serious critics began to appreciate Chaplin’s work.

Having adopted this technique, Moore was in conflict with academic tutors who did not appreciate such a modern approach.

The readers will appreciate the editors’ decision to present the reform assessment in a general readable form.

Two lantanas that are blooming now appreciate the sun, but are not finicky about soil condition.

The people roughhoused, threw food and didn’t seem to remotely appreciate these wonderful creatures and their place in nature.

It wound up being an overwhelmingly positive experience that made me appreciate the steampunks around me even more.

We have this one life to appreciate the grand design of the universe, and for that, I am extremely grateful.

We in southern Colorado have little in common with our northern statemates. Nobody who hasn’t been there can appreciate Kansas.

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At the end of a ride I appreciate this horse’s stamina, but at the beginning of the ride I could do without his excessive spiritedness.

People appreciate it, but I don’t know if the general populous has that kind of an attention span.

She served us Greek salad and olives washed down with chilled retsina before leaving us to appreciate our meal and enjoy the stunning view.

Librans appreciate sensual satins and soft silks next to the skin so you might want to choose some nightwear or lingerie.

Draping himself so raunchily over the speakers, he made me appreciate how insightful his song lyrics were.

She adds that she does appreciate weekly reports of clicks and impressions generated by each Internet banner ad.

Many contemporary field botanists will likely still appreciate Don’s tongue-in-cheek comment about Quillworts.

If you like working out, you’ll appreciate its 15000-square-foot fitness center and two-lane lap pool.

Plan an unforgettable hen night to show your girlfriends how much you appreciate them.

I don’t appreciate salesmen who make promises and then fail to follow through.

A Red-backed Shrike was a good find on the Great Orme but it didn’t stay for more people to appreciate it.

That customer who loves pungent Roquefort will appreciate the marriage partner of a Barsac or Sauternes from Bordeaux.

I don’t appreciate second-guessing myself, I can’t anthelia when that happens.

We appreciate your input, so please don’t hesitate to chime in with comments and questions.

Tausen’s preaching converted ordinary people, merchants, nobles, and monks and even the Prior grew to appreciate Tausen and ordered his release.

Most well-endowed women, like Jessica Simpson and Salma Hayek, have grown to appreciate their curves, and you likely will, too, one day.

Each side can appreciate some but not all aspects of decentralization.

I appreciate the opportunity to provide the subcommittee with my views concerning the recent disclosures by Salomon Brothers Inc.

The aim is to encourage walkers to enjoy the valley, appreciate the spectacular scenery and support local businesses.

But I think, nevertheless, it has made me appreciate his sheer ability.

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Our customers really appreciate the ability to take plans to the workshop or lumber yard on their mobile phones via our apps.

What I appreciate is, they are respectful of the democratic process.

He speaks so calmly and polysyllabically that people fail to appreciate the Machiavellian ambition inside.

She will suit a home where owners have owned a cat like her before and appreciate the sassiness.

Not every drink welcomes a bittering agent, and adding more than a few dashes to most recipes can make most beverages difficult to appreciate.

It is intended to coincide with the Bon Festival vacation time, giving Japanese people an opportunity to appreciate Japan’s mountains.

I’m gald to see that there are people like you that appreciate the Eagles and aren’t just looking to blamestorm and blow off steam.

It is essential for the reader to appreciate how important this argument is.

Spanish and English learners will appreciate these attractively designed bilingual wordbooks.

The unsent intercepted messages had been duly filed by the junior officer left on duty that night, who failed to appreciate their significance.

Aaron didn’t appreciate being topped from the bottom, but Joey’s voice was so rough Aaron didn’t care who was running the show.

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I am not a woodworker by any stretch of the imagination but I do appreciate sharp tools be they in my kitchen, shop, or greenhouse.

I was so serious that I probably offended a lot of people who didn’t appreciate my stern attitude and hyperdisciplined approach.

Tell the toaster oven you love and appreciate it, then have at it with a nail bat while it sleeps lest it sway the eggbeater and blender its way.

It’s difficult to appreciate the innovative breakbeats when they’re sandwiched between muzaky sex-talk, and the album mostly fails because of it.

I don’t think you appreciate the complexity of the situation.

Many guests can be particular about how they like their Bloodies, and they appreciate that The Board lets them customize the cocktail.

He takes his chance in the valuable Bourn Vincent Memorial Handicap Chase and the seven-year-old will appreciate the likely good ground and is taken to account for Klepht.

English teachers won’t find word-for-word accuracy in this creative audio collection, but they will find their students will listen well and appreciate the art within.

The habits of their fathers and their own early years have been so deeply inburned that they have not yet come to appreciate the value and convenience of modern toilets.

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Readers will appreciate the creative eccentricities of William Congreve and Robert Goddard, and enjoy learning about the different rocket motors and how they work.

The people of Douwe Egberts Nederland would not appreciate my likening their company to a Summerian dig, the company is too lifely for that kind of imagery.

Football is a game of tumult and glory, of small disappointments and lingering dreams, and Mata has played long enough at the highest level to appreciate these truths.

If you are on a ship that has two traditional dinner seatings, arrive at your table on time. Your tablemates will appreciate it and so will the waiters.

One cannot appreciate how stupendous the Matterhorn is without seeing it.

After cooking the thanksgiving turkey we appreciate the self-cleaning oven as it gets reall hot and burns off the splattered grease…but it does smell funny.

They made some headway, at the cost of no small portion of the baggage animals that were left, before Hannibal came to appreciate that this route was impossible for an army.

Catalan friends appreciate him only for his Catalanness, symbolized by thewearing of the distinctive Catalan peasant’s cap known as the barretina.

By using that mentality, citizens of a developing country appreciate more since they are content with the basic necessities of health care, education and child protection.

However, Johnson did not appreciate the tone of the essay, and he felt that Chesterfield had not made good on his promise to be the work’s patron.

Listen, deary. I’d appreciate your not talking about my son like that.

The Norman Hauteville family, who were descendants of Vikings, came to appreciate and admire the rich and layered culture in which they now found themselves.

I appreciate that what I’m asking you to do is very difficult.

Russell had been worried that Wittgenstein would not appreciate the group’s unseriousness, style of humour, or the fact that the members were in love with one another.

His subsequent services and splendid financial help should here be recorded and his name held in remembrance by all who appreciate this great public possession.

Most of the older colleges are situated nearby the city centre and river Cam, along which it is traditional to punt to appreciate the buildings and surroundings.

I appreciate your attempt at help and hope the problem can be fixed so I can continue to enjoy this game and fly with my m8’s, both JV44 as well as everyone else.

The discerning customer will appreciate our new range of quality clothing.

We are honored by and appreciate the trust and confidence the Republic of Korea has placed in the 5th Generation F-35 to meet its demanding security requirements.

I appreciate that the particulars of any deal will depend on the positions of the respective negotiators, but I am only asking for a ballpark figure.

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To appreciate the BB gun, you have to appreciate the firearm first.

Only after the British Empire collapsed in the 1950s, and air travel replaced sea travel, could they appreciate the desirability of closer ties to the continent.

The Barrettes said they appreciate people stopping by or calling.

Examples from Classical Literature

You may not appreciate the value of using such a conditioner, but the Kentucky Agr.

This is what the commentators and critics hitherto have failed to appreciate.

In the second, the same apex is placed at the alveolar border, and the angle then becomes fairly easy to appreciate.

I appreciate that some questions are not justiciable and cannot be arbitrated.

The mental surroundings of the chemists of that age did not allow them fully to appreciate the work of Avogadro.

The sceptic, disillusioned, is stated to have failed to appreciate the joke!

I could not have been biassed an instant by those who know not how to appreciate her.

He would also have us appreciate the French President’s many-sided ability as a lawyer, financier, and educationalist.

He must appreciate the yearning of the American heart after self-direction.

It is no disparagement of you or of myself to say that no boy could appreciate you.

I assure you I shall appreciate anything from hardtack to bisque ice-cream.

And after the cooping up of shipboard we were both in the mood to appreciate its beauty.

Only those familiar with many autopsies on the tuberculous can appreciate this.

He says she is too crassly material to appreciate his knowledge of chemistry.

Unless experienced in bull fighting, he does not appreciate the danger, and a sudden charge has often resulted in disembowelment.

It was necessary to bring this out in order to appreciate the influence of Darwinism.

Flossy, dear Flossy, this is such a difference as even you cannot appreciate!

They had learned to appreciate their skill in the arts, and resolved to acclimate those arts at home.

I would appreciate it if you would, because if you have a lot of that checkout work that would be helpful.

Not until we have read Men in Battle do we fully appreciate Barbusse’s chariness in the use of material effects.

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He is apparently conscious of having erred, in too energetically pressing his deeds of loving-kindness on persons unable to appreciate them.

It shows, however, that Bernard could appreciate the Aeneid in this way.

Mr. Roberts, at least, was prepared to appreciate its transformation.

We should regard and appreciate them as a precious gift of God.

The Warty Sisters never appreciate her labors and just laugh at her when she wants to go to the ball.

Bragdon could not appreciate the full irony of the situation.

Still, its artlessness, even amateurishness, means that Top Spot is pure unvarnished Emin, which is something her admirers always appreciate.

As yuccas always appreciate a rich soil, I would also mulch the plant now with compost or manure.

Are they instant quaffers or more likely to appreciate fine wine with aging potential to stash away for future drinking?

It anticipates, through a sentiment which your eminence will appreciate, measures to be taken after the events.

It is not necessary to jeopardize our lives for two more days in order that we may thank him, however much we may appreciate his services to us.

It must be read and studied to appreciate its beauty, scope, and cogency.

I don’t know what the answer is, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t just jump to conclusions because I don’t know what the answer is.

I can find my way in to Tom Swift perfectly well by myself, and while I appreciate your courtesy I do not want to trouble you.

Hepzibah knew enough to enable her to appreciate the circumstances which made it desirable for Phoebe to establish herself in another home.

You don’t appreciate the conveniences of this hotel, Miss Colton.

This was no time for fine compunctions, nor for a chivalry that these cruel demons would neither appreciate nor reciprocate.

It is no wonder the Sanhedrin could not appreciate his oration.

Down here on the seaboard I think most people do appreciate it.

Rigadoon looks to be running into form and should appreciate the step up in trip.

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I am very thankful that my patients have provided feedback that they appreciate my bedside manner.

The children of the community will appreciate the fact that Sago Village is within walking distance to Odessa Elementary School.

Don’t think I am ungrateful or that I don’t appreciate your sympathy.

I may well be reliving my childhood reading these stories, but I can hardly wait until my children are old enough to appreciate this humorous little bear.

In order to appreciate the sufferings of the negroes sold south, it must be remembered that all the instinctive affections of that race are peculiarly strong.

Having myself just graduated from auctioneering school this year, I appreciate his skill, admire his clear, rapid-fire calling and envy his smooth control of the audience.

Coulson, although he did not call himself a lady’s man, was nevertheless human enough to appreciate the fact that the young lady’s face was piquant and her smile delightful.

On behalf of the people we serve, we at World Bicycle Relief appreciate the support from Stiv Wilson, Editor in Chief, and everyone at Wend Magazine.

We greatly appreciate the efforts of the security forces and police in bringing these men to justice and fighting for the reestablishment of peace.

Then it is that I appreciate the beauty and the glory of architecture, which itself never turns in, but forever stands out and erect, keeping watch over the slumberers.

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[Update] Appreciateの5つの意味と使い方には”品格”がありました。 | appliciate – NATAVIGUIDES








I would appreciate ~





















  • 日常会話やビジネスでよく使う”Appreciate(アプリシエイト)”の5つの意味と使い方、例文









  1. 感謝する
  2. 丁寧にお願いする
  3. 質や価値の良さが分かる
  4. 正しく理解する
  5. 価値が増える













現在形: appreciate (アクセントは赤字箇所)


過去分詞: appreciated




↑ 目次へ戻る





1650s, “to esteem or value highly,” from Late Latin appretiatus, past participle of appretiare “to set a price to,” from ad “to” (see ad-) + pretium “price” (see price (n.)). Meaning “to rise in value” (intransitive) is by 1787; sense of “be fully conscious of” is by 1833. “Appreciate is to set a just value on; it implies the use of wise judgment or delicate perception” [Century Dictionary]. Related: Appreciated; appreciating.




↑ 目次へ戻る









① 感謝する




used to thank someone in a polite way or to say that you are grateful for something they have done






Much appreciated.




↑ 目次へ戻る





同じパターンに、”Thank  you for ~”があります。



〇 I appreciate + 行為(~してくれたこと)、もの

× I appreciate you.

〇 Thank you for + + 行為(~してくれたこと)、もの










We would appreciate you letting us knowing any problem anytime. 




けれど、”you” は、letting以下の動名詞句の意味上の主語であり、appreciateの目的語ではありません。


appreciateの目的語は、”letting us knowing any problem anytime.”という行為です。


通常はyour letting~としますが、you lettingも文法的に間違っていません。






They appreciated her.


という英文が出てきたら、”彼らは彼女に感謝していた” ではなく、目的語が人でもOKな”正しく理解する”の意味と捉えるべきです。








I appreciate your assistance.


I appreciate very much that you helped us voluntarily.


Your assistance was very much appreciated.


The boss really appreciated the document you prepared.


I don’t need any help now. but I appreciate your offer.



  オンライン英会話を数か月やってみたけどほとんど話せるようにならない   これからオンライン英会話をはじめてみたいけど、ホントに英会話力が伸びるのかな。時間とお金はムダにはしたく …







  • be grateful for~
  • be thankful to~
  • Thank you very much for~
  • It is very kind of you~


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② 丁寧に依頼・お願いをする (appreciate if)




used to ask for something politely




“I would appreciate if~”(~してもらえるとありがたいです/感謝します)はビジネスであたりまえのように使う定型表現ですね。


“appreciate if”の使い方は、「if以下の事をしていただけるとありがたいです」と相手に丁寧にお願いする場合です。


そして、would と appreciateの間に、以下のような副詞を入れることにより、更に丁寧さを強めた使い方ができます。


  • highly
  • really
  • fully



I would highly appreciate it if you could give me a hand.


I would really appreciate it if you spare 30 minutes to discuss the topic.


I would appreciate if you would keep this to yourself.






  • Could you please ~
  • I would be truly thankful if you could ~ 
  • Would it be possible for you ~
  • Would you do me a favor? ~



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③ 質や価値の良さが分かる




to understand how good or useful someone or something is







Can you appreciate good green tea?


You cannot appreciate happiness until you lose it.


In time you’ll appreciate the importance of English language.(そのうち英語という言語の大切さが分かると思います)


My boss never appreciates my work.


All the tough situation here makes me appreciate the previous job.


She appreciates good wine.






  • understand value or quality
  • distinguish good from bad
  • judge good and bad
  • have a sense




  オンライン英会話を続けてきたけどちょっとしんどい。そろそろ飽きたのでやめようかな。   オンライン英会話を毎日継続するのは疲れた。最近やらない日も多くなってきたけど、こんな状態 …



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④ 正しく理解する




to understand how serious or important a situation or problem is or what someone’s feelings are




“realize”, “understand”と同じ意味の使い方ができます。





You don’t seem to appreciate how busy I have been.


They didn’t seem to appreciate her correctly.


I don’t think that he appreciated the difficulties this project delay will cause.


The manager seems not to be able to appreciate the feeling of the team members.


In order to appreciate what this announcement will mean, it is necessary to look at them in context.






  • understand correctly
  • grasp correctly
  • realize correctly
  • comprehend correctly


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⑤ 価値が増える




 to gradually become more valuable over a period of time








My stock has appreciated over 15% in the last 3 years.


JPY appreciated by 3% against USD in a day.


Land appreciates when new building is built on it.


Gold appreciates over the period of time.






  • rise in value
  • grow in value
  • increase value
  • enhance value


Eigo no izumi desu.


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  1. 感謝する/ありがたい = understand human


  2. 丁寧にお願い/依頼をする = understand and ask for human


  3. ものの価値が分かる = understand things’ 


  4. 人や状況を正しく理解できる= understand situation


  5. 価値が上昇する = rise in thing’s





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Joe Moses – Appreciate You ft. Kamaar G5 [Official Video]

Single off of Joe’s latest project \”Live 4rm The 5ive\”
Directed by Jon Champion. Shot by Dareon Grace.

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูความรู้เพิ่มเติมที่นี่

Joe Moses - Appreciate You ft. Kamaar G5 [Official Video]

Appreciate Group (APP) full-year 2021 presentation

Appreciate Group’s CEO, Ian O’Doherty \u0026 CFO, Tim Clancy present fullyear 2021 results. It was a year of significant progress weathering lockdowns whilst refocussing the business and accelerating the digital proposition.
00:00 – Opening
Ian O’Doherty – Chief Executive Officer
00:17 – Introduction
00:33 – Year In overview
02:04 – Financial highlights
04:13 – Operational highlights
Tim Clancy – Chief Financial Officer
05:59 – Financial results
11:51– Summary
Ian O’Doherty – Chief Executive Officer
12:13 – Strategic update
15:38 – ESG
16:41 – Technology transformation
17:35 – Outlook \u0026 summary
Appreciate Group Plc, formerly Park Group Plc, is a United Kingdombased multiretailer redemption product provider to corporate and consumer markets. It operates gift voucher, prepaid gift card and financial service business, which is engaged in delivering rewards and prepaid products and is focused on consumer prepayments and corporate reward and incentive programs. The Company’s segments include consumer and corporate. The consumer segment includes the Company’s sales to consumers, utilizing its Christmas savings offering. The corporate includes the Company’s sales to businesses, offering primarily sales of the Love2shop voucher, flexecash cards, Mastercards and ecodes in addition to other retailer vouchers. Love2shop is the multiretailer gift voucher and prepaid gift card. It offers flexecash, which is its information technology infrastructure. Its Park Christmas Savings Club operates through a network of agents.

Appreciate Group (APP) full-year 2021 presentation

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이제 한국말로 번역하기 위한 문법은 그만 두세요.
원어민은 우리처럼 생각하지 않습니다.
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한국인이 가장 많이 검색하는 영단어 1위 appreciate의 진실  | 애로우 영단어 | 완전 새로운 어휘 학습법

How to Pronounce APPRECIATE \u0026 APPROPRIATE – American English Pronunciation Lesson

Learn how to pronounce the English words APPRECIATE \u0026 APPROPRIATE correctly with this American English pronunciation lesson.
Jennifer Tarle from Tarle Speech and Language guides you through a quick pronunciation lesson with quick tips to have you sounding clearer in no time. Improve your accent and speak clearly with this ESL English pronunciation lesson. Learn how to pronounce English words correctly to reduce your accent, gain confidence, and speak clearly today!
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How to Pronounce APPRECIATE \u0026 APPROPRIATE - American English Pronunciation Lesson

Appreciate Ya Joes

This is a total appreciation post. It’s a post to get you thinking about the things or people you appreciate. The “appreciate ya” things in your life.
I’ll start. I appreciate Joes Pizza. Joes {like I’m sure many of us} was that place I went to “soak it all up.” Not sure this is actually scientifically true, but after a night out, the thought was that the “bread {from the pizza} would soak it all up.” HA!!! Those were definitely the days.
I’m appreciative for those little honey bottles on the tables at Joes. I learned to put honey on pizza at Joes. Little did I know, I had already put the last honey on Joes pizza when I recently tried to get a slice and it was closed. Yep. Joe’s closed for good five days later.
Unfortunately, our time at Joe’s has ended as Joe has retired. Good for you Joe!!!! I’m appreciative of all the memories at Joes.
Legends never die. Right? Thats right!!!! Good news is Guys snacks is taking over Joe’s and will reopen with sandwiches, Guys chips \u0026 snack, and yes Joe’s original pizza.
Take a couple minutes to think about something you are grateful for. Something or someone that gives you good vibes. Maybe send them an “Appreciate Ya” note today. 🍕 😋
Midwest Anxiety is a community based program for children, teens, and adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, and more generalized problems involving negative thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.  Unlike traditional officebased psychotherapy, we work with people in “real life” situations in their natural environments (home, school, sporting events, etc). Instead of coming to us in a stuffy office, we come visit you in your world. We believe this “hands on” approach gives us the best opportunity to see your strengths and help you overcome your struggles in the environments you live.
Our mobility allows us to work with you in \”real time.\”  No \”see you in a couple weeks\” for your next appointment.  We work in the moments (daily if needed) and in the environments of your struggles. Understanding in real time, in your natural environments, helps us implement stepbystep Cognitive Behavioral strategies to modify negative patterns as they arise.  So grab a snack, put your feet up, and will be over soon to do mental health differently 😉
Want to know more about who we are? https://www.midwestanxiety.com/differently
Want to know more about what we do? https://www.midwestanxiety.com/services
Check out our Classes https://www.midwestanxiety.com/classes
Follow us:
Website: http://www.midwestanxiety.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/midwestanxiety
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/midwestanxiety
Twitter: https://twitter.com/midwestanxiety
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/midwestanxiety?si=wLfMxNF5Svi228GiH6tCvg
Strava: https://www.strava.com/clubs/midwestanxiety
Limits and Restrictions:
The materials distributed are provided with the understanding that the author and presenters are not engaged in rendering professional services. This information in the presentations or group discussions by the presenters, facilitators, or participants should not be considered to be medical, psychological, legal, financial, or spiritual counsel. The presentations and written materials are not intended to provide medical, psychological, legal, financial, or spiritual services or counseling. If expert assistance or counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought. Any opinions, finding, recommendations or conclusions expressed by the author(s) or speaker(s) do not necessarily reflect the views of Midwest Anxiety, LLC.

Appreciate Ya Joes

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูวิธีอื่นๆLEARN FOREIGN LANGUAGE

ขอบคุณมากสำหรับการดูหัวข้อโพสต์ appliciate

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