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Home » IF CLAUSE EXERCISE 1 | if clause exercise

IF CLAUSE EXERCISE 1 | if clause exercise


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If clause type 0 and type 1 exercise

If clause exercise

If clause type 0 and type 1 exercise

ZERO CONDITIONAL SENTENCES QUIZ #1 | How to Make Zero Conditionals

What is the zero conditional?
We use the zero conditional when we want to talk about facts or things that are generally true. Scientific facts are often covered by the zero conditional: \”When you heat ice, it melts.\”
The zero conditional uses if or when and must be followed by the simple present or imperative.
In this video quiz, we’re focusing on creating accurate Zero Conditional sentences in English!
conditionals conditionalsentences

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ZERO CONDITIONAL SENTENCES  QUIZ #1 | How to Make Zero Conditionals

First or Second Conditional? English Grammar Practice

Wondering when to use first and second conditional in English? Learn with me and hang around for the Conditionals Quiz at the end!
The 1st Conditional:
We use it to talk about things that are POSSIBLE in the future and have a LIKELY chance of happening!
IF + present simple, WILL + bare infinitive verb
EG: If I miss the bus, I will take a taxi.
The 2nd Conditional:
Use it to talk about IMPOSSIBLE present situations and UNLIKELY future situations
IF + past simple, WOULD + bare infinitive verb
EG: If I missed the bus, I would take a taxi.
Stick about for the QUIZ at the end of the lesson to practice what you learn!
Read the full transcript of this lesson on my blog here:
mmmEnglish EnglishConditionals EnglishGrammar FirstConditional SecondConditional ConditionalSentences GrammarLesson YouTubeTeacher EnglishWithEmma
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First or Second Conditional? English Grammar Practice

CONDITIONALS Quiz | Can you pass? ✅

There are 15 questions in total let us know how well you did! Feel free to ask us any questions if you require an explanation for a specific question.
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CONDITIONALS Quiz | Can you pass? ✅

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