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How to Not Get SUED When Dropshipping (w/ Aliexpress & Shopify)|คำแนะนำที่มีประสิทธิภาพในการสร้างรายได้ออนไลน์.


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รูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องกับเรื่อง How to Not Get SUED When Dropshipping (w/ Aliexpress & Shopify).

How to Not Get SUED When Dropshipping (w/ Aliexpress & Shopify)
How to Not Get SUED When Dropshipping (w/ Aliexpress & Shopify)

แลกเปลี่ยนที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อ dropship aliexpress

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คำหลักเกี่ยวข้องกับบทความdropship aliexpress.

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How to Not Get SUED When Dropshipping (w/ Aliexpress & Shopify)

dropship aliexpress.

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  1. I was hit by a Take Down Notice by a US based store selling Yoga leggings at hugely marked up prices (>$85), whereas I had the same leggings listed in my store for $19.95. I was dropshipping them from AliExpress and I used their images for the leggings and the model. The US-based store accused me of 'infringing their intellectual property rights'. I'd never heard of them before and when I checked out their store, yes, the leggings (several variations) and the model were identical to images I had had on my site, and to the ones on AliExpress. I had immediately taken down the images, refuted the accusation of infringing intellectual property rights, and explained the situation and gave them the link for the AliExpress store. Who know – perhaps they were dropshipping these same leggings and wanted to wipe me, the competition at much cheaper prices, out of the running, … OR, maybe the Aliexpress company had stolen their designs and model images. I'm still waiting on a reply from the US store … and an apology would be nice too. I don't think they'd get far suing me, as I've proved I didn't steal their images, I've made no money from them and I'm based in Australia. I don't rob my customers by charging exorbitant prices – beats me how the sell anything – maybe it's snob value,

  2. So for example; I get my images for the product from Spocket and import it to my Shopify store. Now, to make the ad’s I use the photos from the Spocket on Canva and put the photos over a aesthetically pleasing format for IG or Facebook. Is this copyrighting? I need to know before uploading it! Thanks!!

  3. I know that this 3 years late 😂, but I watched another video that said I can dropship products that are trademarked on AliExpress. So I can or can't sell trademarked products. I want to dropship some products from AliExpress but most of them are trademarked but this is the legal store that created the rings. So can I sell them without being sued? Pls help.

  4. Hi, is it necessary to register the dropshipping company name without getting fined? And is there a way to run dropshipping site withot accountanting, without getting busted in Europe? There is almost no info about this online. Looking forward to your answer.. Have a nice day! :)

  5. I asked a supplier if I can use their creatives and he said photos are okay but don't use the video, I only want to use it as a gif, It looks like he himself has someone else's video wtf

  6. and what if you sell on ebay star wars lego toys from aliexpress without the "Star Wars" logo, but with star wars characters? its still illegal ?

  7. Hi, I'm new to dropshipping. Lets say I am looking at a pair of glasses and it has the supplier brand on the image. 1.should I leave the brand name when displayed in my store? I dont think its a good idea. And second is it ok that I edit it out?

  8. Hello I hope someone can answer this question I have an "adidog" dog nich jacket that I want to sell will they still out my site down?

  9. This video is out of date. You're sending out emails that say "WARNING – Dropshippers Are Getting Sued" and that is one email I received today. June 09 2020. Update this content to deal with the year 2020.

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